Luxury, excess, decadence – the champagne brunch suits Singapore perfectly. Free flow of premium bubbles and gorgeous mounds of artfully displayed delicacies are an invitation, almost an obligation to indulge.

The Prosecco brunch at Senso’s on Club Street has a more measured approach. The bubbles are pink or white Prosecco (you can upgrade to free flow wine, beer and higher grade sparkling, Franciacorta) and the buffet is a mere fraction of its gargantuan cousins, sticking to classic Italian. This means a less intimidating and more manageable alcohol and food intake.

I would recommend asking for a table in the quiet enclave of the courtyard, perfect for observing and eavesdropping. The private room is fun for a big group, and it is nice to eat in full view of the incredible wine room, but you do feel cut off from the action.


It is possible to try nearly everything, and with two trips I cover both sea and land. Overall the quality of the antipasti is good. The burrata with generous black truffle shaving stands out, as does the bresaola. The vitello tonnato is disappointingly dry despite an excellent sauce. Seafood, in the form of a few salads, smoked salmon, oysters and prawns, is fresh if quite predictable.



A chef and his copper pan stand in a corner of the buffet room, dishing out truffle risotto a la minute. This is incredibly rich, heavy handed with the butter (but also with the truffle), a bit too heavy but worth a try.

A small selection of pastas and main courses can be ordered at the table. These come swiftly, in single portions. The spaghetti vongole is perfect, with clam juice infused spaghetti cooked al dente. The huge pieces of fresh tomato in the dish were overwhelming though, and could have been chopped smaller. Fettucine alla Bottarga where wonderful, the dried fish roe an underrated rarity in Singapore. Another standout was the lam chop, juicy and tender, served on coarse polenta. The à la minute menu changes weekly.


The small cheese selection includes the rare and delicious baked ricotta, a personal favourite and the first time I see it in Singapore.

Desserts cover the usual suspects (panna cotta, tiramisu and so on) and some interesting layered cakes – the most striking a colourful green and beige stack reminiscent of a club sandwich which actually tastes of crunchy praline.

Overall, an interesting change from the big gun hotel champagne brunches, and certainly a more intimate experience. The full fledged champagne experience makes for a more celebratory and extravagant way to while away Sundays, but its more restrained approach is refreshing, and the quality of the food means I will go back to have dinner a la carte.


Prosecco Brunch every Sunday 11.30-3.30


98++ with free flow white and rosé Prosecco

128++ for free flow of Franciacorta, Prosecco, rosé Prosecco, italian wines & beers, soft drinks, juices, coffee & tea



21 Club street

6224 3534